Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stray Bullets and God's Protection

Earlier this week a friend had plurked of Conti's being open at Greenbelt.  That plurk prodded me to take the family to Conti's for lunch earlier today.

I dropped them off at the Greenbelt 2 Streetside where Conti's was and proceeded to go around the block to park in GB1.  After parking, I took the walk from GB1 to GB2 cutting through GB5 where Omega and Rolex was.  It
was just a few minutes after I passed that 7 armed men in Bomb Squad uniform entered GB5 under the pretense that they were investigating a bomb threat.  Reports said that as soon as they reached the Rolex shop, they smashed the glass casings and began to loot the shop of the watches on display.  It was learned that this plan had been foiled unexpectedly when a Metro Manila mayor's bodyguard was within the vicinity and shot back killing one of the robbers.

Two hours after the incident, my family and I were ready to leave the area.  Problem was, the car was still at GB1 parking which was still closed at the time.  I texted a guard who used to work for our ad agency and was now posted in GB, inquiring if I could get the vehicle.  He replied to say that he'd accompany me to the carpark so I could take the car out.
At the ticket gate, a different guard was taking down every detail such as my driver's license number and vehicle registration to make sure I wasn't one of them culprits trying to slip out.  The procedure was understandable because at this time, the 6 other culprits were still being hunted in the basement of GB5.  And since GB is just one big maze of entrances and exits, I still had my eyes peeled lest the hoods spring out of nowhere and hijack the vehicle.  Crazy thoughts one may say.  But these are the crazy thoughts which fortify stuff such as Murphy's Law.

Overall, it was good to get out safely.  We live in precarious times.  Thank God for His promise of Divine Protection.

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