Saturday, April 30, 2005

Lessons in Golf as Lessons in Life


March 27, 2005. Babes Romualdez in his regular column in the Philippine Star writes about the game of golf. I quickly email feedback to him which reads:

Dear Mr. Romualdez,

I have always thought that golf was an idiotic game not finding sense in continually chasing a white ball which one continues to drive further away by 150 to 200 yards at a time.

I have to admit that this concept changed from the time my 2 year old son showed interest in wielding a toy golf club.

Not only do I agree with the statement in your column that golfing is one of the most effective ways to connect and get to know the character of a person, I believe that it is also one of the best ways to bond and form character within children. In a day and age when parents are usually busy at the workplace, golf provides the perfect venue where parents can mentor children not only in the game of golf, but also in life.

I love how Earl Woods, father of Tiger Woods, delineated it in the preface of his book, "Playing Through". This is how he put it....

The game of golf can be a metaphor for life. My life, for certain. I have experienced my share of birdies and a few eagles, yet it seems I have encountered more sand traps and bogeys than I care to recall. With every obstacle or challenge I've faced, however, I've managed to work through it and come out stronger and wiser. And as I walk down the 18th fairway of my lifetime, I hold my head high and make no apologies for the decisions and statements I have made. I realize now that everything happens for a reason, that there is a plan for all of us, which includes both good times and bad. The more astute among us are able to learn from our misfortunes and become stronger individuals. I have been a survivor, a living testimony that others like me can beat the odds, withstand the cruelties, indignities and setbacks that life can offer. I certainly hope the experiences I'll share in these pages will serve to motivate others to press on when the going invariably gets tough.

What a poignant parallel made by a champion's father! On my end, I may be a bit late in having learned to play golf but I am definitely on time with respect to replicating the feat of "fathering a champion" .

As I write this, I cannot wait to wind down the last 15 days of working for a multinational advertising agency. With all the daily demands of keeping clients' business, more time on the fairway will surely be a welcome respite.

More power to you and your column as I do hope to meet you one of these days on the course!

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