Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sunset Fever

I visited the agency today to download into the company issued laptop I had left, the remaining files I had promised the Outdoor Media team. The time was a little bit before six. In the distance, the sun was performing its usual yet nonetheless exhilarating exit as it slowly sank into the Manila bay horizon. I was more than glad to know that people at the agency had now been taking the time to watch the oft-neglected lightshow.

My former seatmate, UniversalMcCann AVP, Josette Feliciano, proudly exclaimed that she now regularly took the time to watch the sun set. "And, with coffee in hand!", she added triumphantly while raising her mug. Yes, sunset fever has slowly creeped into the afternoon (or shall we say 'early evening') routine of my former colleagues.

If ever you find yourself pausing at the end of the day to watch sunsets, I will grant you every right to blame the habit on this blog.

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